Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8/08/08. Seriously?

You know, I always liked the show Grey's Anatomy. Even though I personally do not love science (evidenced by my substandard grade in my college bio class), I liked that the show was sort of a Sex and the City Hospital. I even liked Meredith's hair.

Thus, I will steal a word from this show. 


Okay, let me elaborate. Today is 8/8/12. Our lives were going to change today; we were supposed to welcome baby today. We chose this date months ago. This week I had my final appointment with Waddell. I showered with the crazy special soap last night, packed up my bags this morning, said goodbye to Em, got to the hospital on time today, and changed into a johnny and crawled into a hospital bed because we were supposed to have the baby by noon.  




Basically, even though we were there on time, an elective c-section isn't set in stone. Some people came in with emergency situations which bumped us, and since my doctor had a meeting from 1:00-3:00, and the OR becomes available only to the emergency situations after 3:00, we were invited to leave. 

(Ironically, we were an emergency situation with Emerson - the cord was around her neck,  her heartbeat was decelerating, I was in labor for 24 hours, I had a fever, etc. - so we must've bummed someone that time around. Well, the operating tables were turned. Boo.)

The nurses were nice about it, but I was bummed out for several reasons:
a) I had good hair. Don't judge, it's a rarity.
b) We'd already said goodbye to Emerson and I didn't want to confuse her. She thought we prayed to get the baby. "Oh, sweetie, the baby you wanted to meet? It's staying in another day. Why? Well..."
c) Through the power of Facebook and Twitter, everyone knew we were heading into the hospital. I didn't want anyone to worry about me or the baby, but I had to update them. I posted something quick and pithy.
d) As cutesy as it seems, we got married on 7/7 and it would've been cool to have our little one on 8/8. 

We decided to go to lunch (after fasting for 18 hours, I was ready for a drink) so we headed to Rockport for a lobster roll. Being near the water usually calms me down. Evidently our life will change tomorrow. 

Unless we get bumped again.

In which case I'm holding out for 8/10/12.

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