Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Other Woman, or Other Mom, Part Deux

A few posts ago, I talked about Other Mom, my new mom pal whose adorable twins gave my kids the most wonderful playdate we'd ever had. Today we decided to tempt fate and go to the zoo together in an attempt at a repeat performance.

It worked.

I don't know exactly how it happens, but it starts with the kids getting along so well. Three children together can pose a challenging dynamic in regular situations, and when two of the three are siblings, let alone twins, you may be in for a twisty ride. But with these kiddos, their chemistry is palpable and their enthusiasm is contagious.

As for the parents, we get along so well, which is pretty terrific, seeing that many playdates involve kids who are only minutely interested in each other while the parents chatter away, or parents who look at each other awkwardly while their kids are tearing up the playground together. But fortunately, we mesh. Other Mom says things that are literally about to come out of my mouth; she is fair and funny, and she holds her kids to high, but not unreasonable standards. We are similar enough that we give the same warnings and expect the same rules about behavior, and eating, et cetera, but we are different enough that I think, "Hm, I'm using that,"when she comes up with a creative way to handle a situation. Similarly, when I see behavior in her children that I see in my own, it gives me perspective. 

Her sweet daughter brings our the best in mine, and her little son was content to push my son's stroller around the entire zoo. After a few moments in front of the misters, her son gave mine a mohawk, with his little waves peaking straight. It was only one of the adorable moments of the day.

After a playdate with this family, I feel happy and validated, while other playdates leave me feeling frazzled and in need of a nap or a nip.

The only downside is that I kind of feel like I am cheating on some of my other mom friends. Just don't tell them, ok? I'll let them down easy. It's not them, it's me.

Summer sighting and fun fact: Koala bears sleep 20 hours a day. I am jealous.

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