Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to Cool

Oh, happy day! My classroom is a light, beautiful, baby blue! Sigh...

Let me back up. I have been teaching at APS for twenty years, and the color scheme has always been a variation of green; that is, mint green subway-tiled walls in the hallways, and classrooms with various shades of beige. Despite my love for all things Bobbi Brown, that vanilla/beige color on walls does little for the complexion or the spirit. So I sent an email to my facilities coordinator to see if I could use this light blue paint my husband and used for our bedroom

My facilities coordinator came up with an even better idea: they had some light blue paint left over from the nurse's office, and they she'd have the summer kids paint for me! So exciting!

Honestly, it is so refreshing and light - I love it! Sometimes it's the littlest things =)

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