Tuesday, January 7, 2014

All the Things He Said

I have the littlest, handsomest boy. He's charming, sweet, mischievous and darling - and he's not talking.

When Em was about nine months old, I called my best friend J, whose son is two months older than Em. When I expressed my concern over Em's lack of speech at nine months (she only said "Mama," "Dada" and "Up") J reminded me that she'd unleash an avalanche of words once she turned a year old. J was right, and Em hasn't stopped chatting since.

But John Sawyer is another story in every way. He is so active and excited about everything., but at 17 months, his speech is the same as Em's at nine months. When I ask him, "Where are John's eyes/ears/mouth/teeth/nose/belly/feet?" he can point to them perfectly - and sometimes points to something else and dissolves into giggles. When I ask to him pick up blanket, or give Lambie a kiss, or snuggle with Emerson, he will get up and do so, even when said comfort object is in another room. I know he understands me. But this guy ain't talking.

Our pediatrician, whom we adore, has assured us that the adages of "the older sibling does all the talking" or "the second kid catches on faster" are both myths. Second children learn exactly as first children do: on their own timetable, as they should.

This is another parenting moment where I have to let go. It's not easy.

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