Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sweet Stylish Surprises

As a teacher, I am completely overwhelmed by the happiness my job brings me. Whether it's the pride in seeing my students' major accomplishments, like when one of my favorites got into her dream school, Brown, or when a handful of my students scored 5's on the notoriously hard AP Lit and Comp test, I feel so proud of them I could explode. Even their minor successes make me smile, like mastering the material on a tough quiz. But most of all, the knowledge that one day they are going to grow into incredibly awesome people who make a giant contributions to this world makes me feel like I have been given a gift just by knowing them.

And just recently, I got an incredible gift back!

I was nominated and won the NIC+ZOE Teacher Appreciation Giveaway; I was nominated by my family, friends, and students, and was chosen as the winner! 

This ‪#‎teacherappreciationweek‬, nominate a teacher who has made a positive impact on you or your child and they could win a $1,000 NIC+ZOE wardrobe and a total makeover! You have through Sunday to nominate - click below!

In Celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, NIC+ZOE is giving one well-deserving teacher a total makeover! Makeover includes $1,000 to NIC+ZOE, styled by Lisa Donovan and TESstylist's Lydia Santangelo, hair, makeup and more!…

I was beyond thrilled! The clothes are both artfully and classically designed, and the materials are rich and luxurious. The company is a mother-daughter design team, created by Dorian Lightbown and named for her children, Nicholas and Zoe. All of the clothes are designed to #makebusylookgood, and the Chestnut Hill store where my dream day began was as beautifully modern as the clothes it houses. 

There, I met up with the women who would make my day unforgettable: 

First, I met Erika Hemingway, Account Executive at iHeartMedia, my former student and the most charismatic and energetic person I know. Her enthusiasm and exuberance really propelled the event from its inception, and having her by my side made my experience as heartfelt as it was exciting. 

Erika led me to Lisa Donovan from Kiss 108 (the daytime voice on "Matty in the Morning" who was as stylish and stunning as she is petite) and Lydia Santangelo of TESstylist (Boston's top fashion stylist who was as gorgeous and glamorous as the models with whom she usually works). Both women were my stylists for the day. Next, I was introduced to the incredibly talented Zoe Chatfield-Taylor, Director of Merchandising, and the "Zoe" of NIC+ZOE. All three women were so warm and lovely, it felt like I was hanging out with friends (very beautiful, fashion-forward friends), so I shed the black LuluLemon sundress I'd been wearing as a uniform this summer, and happily turned myself over to their expertise.

Over champagne, Shauna Richmond, of the J.T. Macken Hair Salon in Winthrop, curled my hair into smooth beachy waves and gave me smoldering smoky eyes. Gail Saviano, the General Sales Manager for iHeartMedia, and Elizabeth Doherty, the Social Media and Marketing Manager for NIC+ZOE, rounded out our celebration, and over the next few hours, the word "celebrate" defined the day! In fact, I felt like a celebrity as I tried on outfit after outfit; lush sweaters and scarves, perfectly cut wrap dresses, chic fitted tops and jackets, crisp blouses and sleek trousers. The most remarkable combination was in my favorite outfit: a floating silk handkerchief dress and a whisper-thin cardigan. 

The fashionista in me loved trying on every outfit, and with my team of "glamour girls" remarking about their favorite looks, I experienced all the emotions a woman wants to feel in her favorite clothes: classically elegant, confidently professional, coolly sophisticated, comfortably relaxed.

Though I have a graduate degree in Linguistics, those words escaped me that day, and I must have repeated the word "amazing" a thousand times to describe my experience, but it was truly awesome to be around such incredible women, all of whom were celebrating the day with me. 

As the event came to a close, I got to select $1000 of merchandise for work and play, and my makeover concluded with generous gift cards to many of my favorite places: Tuscan Kitchen, Princess Jewelers of Burlington, Elements Massage, and Elizabeth Grady, as well as a bottle of Lamarca Prosecco, compliments of Busa Wine & Spirits. I walked out of the store with my arms full of carrier bags, and my heart full of gratitude for the kindness and generosity of each of the women.

I'm humbled to have spent a day being appreciated for doing something I love doing. I am so grateful to my family, friends, and Austin Prep students and parents for nominating me, and for giving me the chance to have such a fantastic experience, as well as to the wonderfully gracious women who made me feel so special with their recognition; as I share my gifts with my students, they shared their gifts with me. How lucky we all are to be doing what we love! 

From the bottom of this thankful (and now, very beautifully dressed) teacher's heart,


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