Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Happy 4th birthday, John Sawyer!

Dearest John Sawyer,

Happy 4th birthday, darling boy! Four years ago yesterday, I went to the hospital to have you, and you spent one extra day on the inside. We were all so deliriously excited to meet you, and when you arrived, you made our dreams come true, little prince!

Four years ago today, you were born as chubby and delicious as I had hoped, with slate-gray eyes and your daddy's dark hair (of course it all fell out, came in blond, and then changed to the light brown it is now). 

You are full of energy and excitement every day, and you fill me with so much happiness! Here is a picture of who you are today:

Today, you woke up with a smile to a room filled with balloons. You are like a teenager - you like to wake on your own, and you get a little grumpy if someone else wakes you! At night, you often ask for "another snuggle" before bed, and you always ask us to read you a "bedtime  stah-ry." Today, your favorite is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Today, you still come crashing at me around corners and smash yourself against for me for a powerful surprise hugs. You are getting so tall, buddy; you can almost knock me down, but I don't mind.

Today, you still are crazy for apples, apple sauce, and especially apple juice! You will seek it out in the refrigerator yourself if we're not moving fast enough.

Today, you love the park, which you pronounce like "poke," especially the slide at the Wakefield Lake, right near our old apartment.

Today, carry around an orange toolbox (much like last year's love for Orange Shovel) and you put all your "fings" (things) in it. Most of your "fings" are Mickey or Tsum Tsum related.

Today, you love the water in any form. You can swim in the pool in your Nemo life vest, even in the deep end. You love jumping in the waves, and you had so much fun on our vacation in the Outer Banks. You are so sweet and loving, and when a wave takes you down, you look to me for help. Just a "thumbs-up" lets you know you're fine, and in a minute, you're off again. Unless your face gets wet and you need extra snuggles.

Today, you love Mommy and Daddy so much - you run to Mommy for cuddles and Daddy for roughhousing like a real little boy. You love when Daddy throws you high into the air and you beg, "Again! Again!" and no one can resist you.

Today, you still love your sister so fiercely that you want to be just like her. You come to all her practices, rehearsals, and performances, and you tell her, "You did a great job, Emmasin!" You admire her, you follow her, and though you both drive each other a little crazy, when I watch you play happily together, my heart swells with joy. I am so happy you have each other to share life with, and that you will always have her hand to hold.

Little one, little son, I hope you always feel the love that surrounds you, today and always. You have made me so happy and I wish that same happiness back to you each day. Your light shines in my life and I love you for it. Thank you for being the sparkle in my eyes.

Happy, happy fourth birthday, my darling son!


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