Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Best date ever

What a day - what a date! After a morning at the "Protecting God's Children" workshop (sponsored by St. Patrick's School) and a too-cute morning trying on kindergarten uniforms, I went on the best date ever. With a woman I hardly knew (I'll call her Other Mom), her twins, and my two kids. And it was absolutely terrific.

Do you know those playdates where everyone gets along, no one draws blood or breaks down, and you leave feeling like you found a new friend? Me neither, usually. Most times, I spend the day feeling uptight and alert for any undesirable behavior in my own kids or the dates'. But this time, the kids played together well, ate most of their pizza dinner, laughed uproariously, and begged to have another date soon. The conversation between Other Mom and I was easy and fun; she was upbeat and warm with just the right amount of sarcasm and snarkiness to make me feel like I'd found a friend. 

I met Other Mom early in the school year, but since we both have full-time jobs, we weren't always at the pick-up/drop-off, park playdates or after-school momapalooza's at the playground together. And though my daughter had requested time with her daughter, I imagined she was referring to another little girl with the same name. But seeing them holding hands and playing together at their preschool graduation was so dear and lovely that Other Mom and I decided our kids must get some playdates on the calendar. And we made a plan. And we stuck to it. And it was fun.

I guess the best part was its simplicity. I plan things all the time that fall through: that perfect outfit that the baby poops on. That adorable gift with the beautiful wrapping that never makes its way to the party. That clean kitchen that becomes a battleground with one swipe of a chubby arm and a handful of cheerios.

But this came together smoothly, and we left each other's company tired and happy - as it should be.

Summer sighting: Beauty personified: My daughter running in the park with her friends, wearing her pink sunhat with her red hair flying out behind her. 

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