Friday, June 14, 2013

First Friday, First Flight

After much anticipation (and trepidation on the part of the older faculty), Austin Prep has iPads! Thus I am being paid to use the newest technology, learn from and and impart it to my students. For three days, Austin is in iPad training, and this girl is past falling in love with her new toy - she's obsessed.

The best thing about it is the productivity - I feel like a super version of myself. I have notes and lists organized into one app as opposed to the notes, lists and post-its everywhere. I'm making a commitment to be more streamlined and organized with my calendar and I'm loving the little check that you can actually put into the box at the side.

I am also committing to revamping the organization of my own life; with all the commitments for work, school, Emerson's school, and our calendar (with its zillion subtleties that get amplified as the family "invasions" make their way across from the West Coast) it seems only fitting to revamp it all. Declutter for an hour a day.

In short: Try to make it easier on myself so that the big things seem little, thus the little things become easier.

That being said, we ate at the most amazing restaurant today, where the seafood was literally the best I'd ever eaten. 
Summer sighting: The largest shrimp I'd ever seen.

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