Thursday, June 13, 2013

School's out: school's in!

It's official! School's out! Austin Prep is over for the year, and in another of the great ironies of my life, my first day free was spent in school again! But this was different - Emerson and I had visiting day for kindergarten at Saint Patrick's! We had visited in the spring, and I had really taken to one of the teachers - she and her co-teacher were so warm, kind, and funny...secretly, I had prayed they'd be Emerson's teachers this year, and our prayers were answered!

Emerson has the most wonderful teachers, and we're both excited to see a few familiar faces: Ella, her buddy from the last three years at Encore Dance Studio, Derek, her pal from Saint Joseph's Pre-K, and Christina, whose mom was my friend way back in Stoneham Junior High days. Needless to say, my butterflies were in full effect, but Emerson, with her characteristic sweetness and enthusiasm, took to her new surroundings like a little duck to water.

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